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When we sat down to think about what kind of scent our farm would smell like, we knew one of the scents had to be raspberry. It's one of our most loved and most prolific fillers on the farm. It creates a gorgeous full shape in any bouquet or arrangement and it's always the perfect shade of green. It's also something we rely on from early spring until the fall. We love raspberry. 


But it couldn't be too sweet, and we wanted to add some grit and earthiness. Of course some flowers themselves have a smell, but some flower stems have such a unique smell. Dahlias get a lot of attention for, well, being beautiful. But you know what's underrated about dahlias? The scent of their stems. Seriously. It's green and fresh and kind of spicy. It's a smell that once you smell it it'll always remind you of dahlias. It's kind of like the distinct smell of tomato plants. All that to say that we cut some of the sweetness of raspberry with a fresh green scent reminiscent to us of cut dahlia stems.


Candles come packaged in chic black tins to fit any interior and are 7 oz. The candles were poured by our dear friend and business woman extraordinaire Charlene at Clean Haven Naturals in Rush City, MN.


Please contact us directly for shipping, otherwise all orders can be picked up on the farm in North Branch. Please reach out to with questions.

'Morning Harvest' Soy Candle

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