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DIY your own arrangements and more with our bulk buckets

Elevate your next event or project with fresh, local and seasonal flowers.

Choose your bucket

All buckets contain around 80 stems of fresh flowers and greenery.

We guarantee a fresh product. We harvest all of our flowers at the optimal bloom time and condition them so they'll be at their peak for your event  -- and even long after! 

Contact us for spring (April/May) availability and pricing!

Average stem counts

Plan your project using the below averages for some of the most common florals.
Add an extra 10-20% to account for any loss, substitutions and last minute additions.


Large: 35-50 stems

Medium: 20-30 stems

Arrangements & Centerpieces

35-50 stems

(but really depends on the size of the vessel)

Bud Vases

1 to 3 stems per vase. For an 8' table, 5-8 vases.


Boutonnieres: 5-10 stems

Crowns: 20-50 stems


1 to 2 buckets, depending on size and scale.

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